Dear Diary


It would appear that the human subordinate has acquired a new companion. He brought her back along with only a couple of bags so I assume that her stay is not permanent. The family seemed to welcome her presence and the subordinate looked distinctively happy and cheerful to have her around.

I personally could care less about newcomers – there are too few hours in the day to be bothered with them – but this one is different. She has been devouring all of the subordinate’s attention. She takes my place on the bed next to him, and he holds her while they sleep as if clinging onto something precious. I mean, what is it about this female human that is so charming anyway? Sure, she has long, black hair, which only upper class beings such as myself possess, but it’s all bunched up on her head and is nowhere near as luxurious as mine. Her arms are too scrawny compared to her legs, and her chest is almost flat (I know because I walked on it this morning). Aren’t female humans’ chests supposed to be round and cuddly? All in all, she’s just a commoner.

She also seems to be getting along quite well with the other cat in this house. Hmph, that pleb would let anyone pet her anyway. No standards and no specifications. She needs to learn to be more like a cat, proud and majestic. Nobody will touch me if I don’t permit it. That doesn’t seem to stop the new human from trying, though. She would approach me slowly, and, only because I allow it, pet my head lightly. To be completely honest, it does feel quite pleasant, but I will not be conquered by this.

More tests will need to be passed out to see if this new human is worthy of being in this house and serving me. For now, I will settle for the temporary visits as they seem to put my subordinate in high spirits, and it makes me happy to see him happy.

– Your one and only Queen


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