Sỏi Đá Cũng Cần Có Nhau



The Vietnamese phrase translates to: “Even rocks and pebbles need each other.”

I used to think that being in a relationship was overrated. I saw girls flaunting themselves at boys, desperately trying to get their attention; I saw girls sighing woefully, dreaming away the day, wondering why they hadn’t found The One; I saw girls crying, throwing tantrums, breaking down, falling apart over fights and disagreements with their significant other. I saw Continue reading


I’m Sorry, I Love You


That’s usually what couples say to one another while making up after a fight or argument, but since we’re in a gray zone where it’s more than like and less than love, where it’s hard to explain and I don’t really know how to describe it, I’ll just say “I’m sorry, I [insert extremely positive and heart-warming emotions and feelings here] you.”

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