Sleep Well, My Heart

2015-03-16 18.17.01
The journey is not even half way over, but I know it feels like millenniums have passed, and we still have hundreds of thousands of miles left to go. I know you’re tired. I can see scratches on your skins, new wounds where old scars have yet to heal; I can see cracks and holes that can never be mended, and I know it hurts. So for now, let’s take a break. We’ll find a nice, soft patch of grass in the shade, underneath a giant maple tree, on a meadow where the flowers bloom and the birds sing, and we’ll sleep. We’ll forget yesterday, forget today, forget tomorrow, and just rest. Close our eyes and open our ears, dreaming of angels and fairies, of happiness and joy.

We’ll continue our journey another day, another time, maybe when the scrapes on my knees and elbows have stopped bleeding, then we’ll keep walking. We’ll find home.


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